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Workshop Services

We create your new software solution. We can implement your application according to your wishes and requirements, whether it is a simple landing page for your website, a modern mobile app with push notifications or voice control, or a complex software solution. To achieve the best result for you, we combine domain-driven design best practices with our many years of software development experience.


Workshop Services

We know from experience that difficult decisions must frequently be made in the IT sector, and that experts and their specialist knowledge are critical. We would be delighted to advise you on future IT projects in your company, with a focus on (data-intensive) web applications, knowledge graphs, and areas of application for blockchains/smart contracts and artificial intelligence.

Workshops & Seminars

Workshop Services

The IT industry is constantly changing, making it difficult to stay current on trends and best practices. We provide in-depth workshops in a variety of web development areas, where we teach you or your employees the necessary skills along the way. Scalable architecture, microfrontends and monorepos, deep learning, and much more are just a few examples.

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